Deep freeze gel ingredients

Just by rubbing this pain relief gel into the affected area, you are providing direct pain relief that works deep down to cool and soothe pain. The active ingredient in deep freeze cold gel cools the skin bringing about rapid pain relief. Its cooling and refreshing effects are felt immediately, followed by a more intense sensation of deep-penetrating cold as the active ingredient gets to work. S. The U. It makes an ideal complement to other analgesic treatments or can be used on its own for fast, targeted Posts about Deep Heat written by . The active ingredient in hand sanitizer is usually an alcohol. Directions for Use:Deep Freeze Cold information about active ingredients, pharmaceutical forms and doses by Mentholatum, Deep Freeze Cold indications, usages and related health products lists DRUGS-ABOUT. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control recommend ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or a combination of both in concentrations ranging from 60 to 95 …. How to use Deep Freeze Cold Gel 2%w/w (35g) Adults (including the elderly) and children over 5 years: Gently massage Deep Freeze cold gel in to the affected area 3-4 times daily and wash hands immediately after use. Deep Freeze Cold Gel cools the skin, bringing about rapid relief from pain. Deep Freeze Cold Gel is suitable for the symptomatic relief of muscle, tendon and joint pain. Deep freeze cold gel is suitable for the symtomatic relief of pain in muscles, tendons and joints and is ideal for minor sporting injuries. paingone Freeze can provide hours of cooling relief from just a single application. It combines the proven principle of cold treatment with the benefits of gentle muscle massage. Deep Relief Anti-inflammatory Gel and Deep Relief Joint Pain Gel are pain and inflammation relief gels which contain two effective pain-killing ingredients plus anti-inflammatory action: ibuprofen and, levomenthol which cools and soothes – helping the delivery …Deep Freeze Cold Gel 100g combines the effects of cold treatment with the benefits of gentle massage to relieve pain in joints, tendons and muscles. Deep Freeze Pain Relieving Gel 35g has a special ingredient that cools the skin down and provides quick pain relief. It helps with muscle pain and stiffness, sprains and bruises and can even soothe lower back pains, rheumatic pain, and pain in the legs and thighs. COM Pharmaceutical drugs and medications online databaseDeep Freeze Cold Gel is a pain relieving cold gel. Deep Freeze Cold Gel combines the proven principle of cold treatment with the benefit of gentle muscle massage. A new poll of 2,000 people in the UK by the muscular pain treatment specialists at Deep Heat and Deep Freeze has found that seven out of ten (71%) of people had no idea we lose muscle as we age and two out of three (64%) did not know it is a particular problem for women after the menopause. Active Ingredient

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