Taxation as theft

Taxation as theft Many people claim to have found the answer, but like any good lawyer will tell you, you have to read the fine print. We as a society have forgotten how to think critically but the cards have been stacked against us since birth. It is completely immoral. I’ve outed myself as a libertarian, despite my reluctance to do so, I can affirm that taxation is philosophically theft in nearly every way I can imagine, but it doesn’t actually matter. Posts about taxation as theft written by Loquitur Veritatem. GREGORY: Let me, let me ask you about the role of government. MR. Taxation is theft because people are having their income taken without their consent by the government, and before anyone says "But the roads, or schools!" Before the Revenue Act of 1913, we had all those things, but guess what people didn't get their income taken forcefullyTaxation is theft since we are not given the option to not consent. It isn't moral for me to go to my neighbor and hold a gun to his head with the threat of either being shot or put in a cage of mine if he doesn't pay me half h. of theft - the seizure of individuals’ property without their consent. The only difference is that the government is less honest than its private competitors in crime. As goofy as Ron Paul is about defense and foreign policy, he is mostly right about domestic policy, namely that there should be little of it — especially at the national level. Sure, if you like paying taxes, go ahead. There, I said it. The ONLY exception to this statement is when things are taken as restitution for a prior wrong (for example, if you stole $100 from a person, a court would be justified in taking $100 from you without your permission to repay the victim). Taxation is the forceful stealing of another person's property and wealth through the government and its agents. Taxation is Theft! Or…Is It? by Gregory Drobny Taxation is theft. Here's why. IS TAXATION NECESSARY?The Freedom Law School challenges anyone to find a law stating that the average American wage earner has to pay income tax. At least a thief doesn’t claim to be committing his crime for your own good, to be performing a desirable social service in “the public interest”. This is from his exchange with David Gregory on Meet the Press (October 23, 2011):. Taxation is theft, by definition. Both are transfers Theft is always theft, regardless of who does the theft, how the theft occurs, and what excuses the thief makes to “justify” the theft. This is only an excuse though because eventually we all need to wake up to the lies and falsehoods that are being forced upon us daily. Beyond taxes being our share of the governments activities, what exactly are they? According to Frank Chodorov, Taxation is Robbery! But is he right? Well if we look at it from a value free perspective, meaning we don’t look at it as good or bad but simply what it is, then it certainly does have a lot in common with theft. But that does not give you the justification to take from others against their will to contribute to the things you value above the values of others Taxation as theft
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